Leading community foundations such as Communities Foundation of Texas, The Boston Foundation, Lancaster Community Foundation and The Miami Foundation have added online Giving Day and every day donation capabilities to their annual development plans to attract new donors and new funds; to enable donors, board members, nonprofits and community members to become advocates; and to raise community, national and worldwide brand awareness.

Contact us to learn why Kimbia has more community foundation giving day experience than any other vendor, and has powered the largest giving day to date raising over $60M in a single day.

  • When it comes to recruiting new high-value donors, online fundraising—with the ability to take campaigns viral—has proven its value in driving online revenue, as well as inspiring multimillion-dollar offline donations. Leading foundations are achieving their goals by:
  • Implementing online-enabled Giving Days that raise millions and recruit up to 68% new donors
  • Participating in Give Local America® to reignite the spirit of local philanthropy at the grassroots level
  • Enabling online donation capabilities (Web, Mobile, Social) year-round
  • Connecting major donors with worthy local nonprofits or a disaster relief site in order to quickly raise funds