Crowdfunding Myths & Truths: Six Years of Data and How-Tos for New Dollars and Donors

North Texas Giving DayCommunities Foundation of Texas (CFT) was (and still is) a pioneer in leveraging crowdfunding to help provide community solutions with a lasting impact and fund 1,580 worthy local nonprofits. Register for this webinar to see the data, and to hear exactly how—even in their 6th year—CFT and participating nonprofits continue to raise an amazing amount of revenue ($26.3 million), achieve 26% new donor recruitment levels and how they retain those donors.

Together, Carol Goglia, Director of Marketing and Communications, Communities Foundation of Texas, the community foundation that founded and presented in the sixth annual North Texas Giving Day campaign in 2014, and Lori Finch, Vice President of Community Giving, Kimbia, will walk you through this real-life case study to debunk common crowdfunding myths and reveal proven practices for a successful event. At the end of this video, viewers will know how to:

  • Plan, implement and promote a crowdfunding event
  • Allocate resources to the channels that help acquire the most new donors
  • Leverage friendly competition and a sense of urgency
  • Perform post-event analysis to make the next year’s event even better

Crowdfunding Myths and Truths 2-5-15 2.01 PM from Kimbia, Inc. on Vimeo.