The New Fundraising Frontier—Chart Your Path to Crowdfunding Success


Want to gain 60% more donors? Keep hearing about crowdfunding events but don’t know where to start or if it’s the right direction for your organization? Join the fundraising experts from Kimbia and Charity Dynamics and learn the ropes!

Single-day online giving events are taking the nonprofit and higher education industry by storm. Organizations are raising millions of dollars and engaging thousands of supporters through these exciting events that allow anyone to become a philanthropist. But how exactly do you start a campaign like this? And which campaign is right for your organization? Peer-to-peer, DIY, Giving Days, oh my!


This webinar is based off of the successful workshop hosted by Kimbia & Charity Dynamics in April 2015. The high interest in crowdfunding expressed by attendees inspired us to bring our combined expertise to all organizations wishing to learn more about this fundraising model. Join Matthew Mielcarek, VP of Strategy & UX Design at Charity Dynamics, and Kimbia’s Senior Principal, Miriam Kagan, to learn how to:

  • Define and explore the confusing world of terminology, approach and execution of the peer-to-peer and crowdfunding landscape
  • Take a deep dive into the challenges that come up when hosting this type of event and create a plan to overcome them
  • Identify and workshop a peer-to-peer or crowdsource fundraiser that is the right fit for your organization or local office
  • Facilitate fundraising diversification through peer-to-peer/crowdfunding campaigns