The Crowdfunding Data You’ve Been Waiting For: Growth Stats, Trends, and What’s Working

With the adoption of crowdfunding growing by leaps and bounds, everyone wants to know more. Is growth sustainable? How many new/reactivated donors can I expect? What types of promotion work best? Earlier this year, we turned to the community, and asked nonprofits, community foundations and higher education institutions to fill out a crowdfunding survey to help us answer these questions and many more. Whether you are trying to decide if crowdfunding is right for you, or you are already hosting crowdfunding events and want to achieve even better results, this recorded webinar is for you. In the video Miriam Kagan, senior principal at Kimbia:

  • Reveals the survey results including the average percentage of new and reactivated donors, what online and offline channels pulled the most revenue, average year-over-year revenue growth and the multiplying effect of matching funds
  • Reviews 2014 crowdfunding donor demographics including age, income, net worth, education level and average gift
  • Shares crowdfunding best practices by channel based on her extensive experience