Online Fundraising Flexibility + Strategic Email Marketing = Powerful Results

Kimbia has teamed up with Beth Hatcher, owner of Beth Interactive, a digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare marketing and e-fundraising. Together, we’ll delve into how
 healthcare organizations can transform their digital fundraising and donor outreach programs in a new webinar series: Digital Fundraising in the Healthcare World.

We’ll reveal how the foundation for one of America’s top 20 hospitals, broke free from its restrictive online fundraising solution and applied best practices to grow their overall revenue through savvy marketing strategies and highly flexible fundraising software.

In our webinar, we discovered the power of using a robust email marketing campaign and online analytics to advance your online fundraising efforts—and create fabulous ROI!

Learn how the team at Beth Interactive integrated the Kimbia platform with a strategic email marketing program to drive tremendous donor engagement and fundraising results. Learn how to:

  • Leverage the right fundraising solution to collect the donor data you need to create valuable long-term relationships. No donors left behind!
  • Deploy multivariate testing strategies and successfully track ROI by using Google Analytics and Kimbia’s reporting tools to optimize campaigns and replicate winning results.
  • Increase conversions with an improved donor experience through flexible forms, pre-filled donor data and seamless transactions.

Check out the slides, watch the recorded video and download our email marketing best practices tip sheet!