Kimbia’s New eBook Helps Universities and Colleges Recruit and Reactivate Alumni Donors

AUSTIN, TEXAS (Jan. 07, 2014) Today Kimbia announces their free eBook, 21 Proven Practices for Highly Successful Higher Education Giving Days. This new eBook enables institutions of all sizes to optimize their giving day event to increase participation, visibility and revenue. Excerpts from the eBook will be unveiled at the January 16, 2014 webinar, Online Giving Tools: Giving Days, Alumni Engagement and Fundraising Proven Practices. All Higher Education Institutions who register for the webinar will receive an advance copy of the eBook; all other institutions can request the eBook at

Universities and colleges are continually looking for new ways to increase participation, particularly among alumni. When it comes to recruiting and reactivating new high-value donors and empowering class agents, online giving days have proven their value for higher education institutions. For example, Columbia University’s second annual Giving Day recently raised a record-breaking $7,827,636 in just 24 hours. And 60% of donors in the Georgetown University Alumni Association City Challenge were new donors in the fiscal year.

The purpose of the eBook is to make it easier for institutions to add high revenue generating online giving events to their advancement programs. Capturing Kimbia’s deep Giving Day expertise, this eBook expertly guides institutions through the entire giving day cycle from the planning phase all the way through to post giving day activities. Highlights per section include:

  • Planning How-To’s: Choosing the best giving day model and incentive structure, recruiting and equipping online ambassadors/class agents, and deciding how and where to promote special events before, during and after the giving day
  • Tools and Partners Must Have’s: Selecting the right technology platform for this high transaction volume day, protecting donor data, providing real-time results, optimizing online and mobile donation forms, and fully leveraging social media
  • Giving Day Logistics: Creating a giving day headquarters, managing community, sponsor, media and peer-to-peer outreach, and keeping the social media buzz going and tracking what’s working best
  • Post Giving Day Must Do’s: Enabling post event giving, ensuring complete data gathering taking stock of lessons learned for next year’s event and visually documenting and celebrating the event

About Kimbia-Powered Giving Days

Institutions of all sizes, including Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Maryland and Susquehanna University, have partnered with Kimbia to power some of the most successful higher education giving days. For these and other institutions the Kimbia solution provides:

  • Maximized brand awareness. The entire donor experience across all channels conveys and reinforces the host organization’s brand including the organization’s website, credit card statement, tax receipt and social media components.
  • Complete client control of donor funds and donor information with the highest level of security available. Funds flow directly to the host organization, not a third-party. Donor data goes only to the institution, not a third party who will market others’ mission and events. Additionally, Kimbia clients have real-time access to donor data for assessing progress and making same day changes, if needed.
  • An unmatched technology platform that can process hundreds of thousands of transactions and millions of dollars in donations with no impact on the donor giving experience. This is an especially important consideration because so many Kimbia-powered giving events exceed their fundraising projections.
  • Seamless data integration with most of today’s leading constituent relationship management, email, content management and donor management systems. The latter is critical for financial reconciliation and grant processing for nonprofits participating in a giving event.

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