Kimbia’s 2016 Give Local America® on May 3 and 4 Raises over $64 Million

Kimbia’s 2016 Give Local America® on May 3 and 4 Raises over $64 Million

Austin, TX (September 26, 2016) – Forty-seven community partners, 13,000 participating nonprofits and thousands of donors nationwide activated the spirit of giving, raising a tremendous amount of money that will benefit local communities.  The final results are in: Give Local America® raised $64 million between May 3 and May 4 including online and offline donations.

“We are so proud to partner with communities and their participating nonprofits, and are inspired by their vigor, enthusiasm and ability to rally their supporters around such important local causes. We thank all of our partners for their support,” said Kimbia’s vice president of community giving, Lori Finch.

Highlights of Give Local America 2016 included:

  • Average donation amount: $170
  • Number of gifts: 345,946
  • Number of new donors: 74,004
  • Percentage of new donors: 35%

Give Local America 2016 was organized and managed for the third year in a row by Kimbia. The combination of local, corporate support and Kimbia’s online giving day platform gives nonprofits a unique way to not just acquire, but convert and retain new online donors—a group that is increasingly important to nonprofits as donor demographics change. Local nonprofit organizations, like The Coffee Oasis in Kitsap County, find great value in the ability to get behind a larger local-giving effort that Give Local America provides.

“Kitsap Great GIVE has been an event that The Coffee Oasis has learned to give GREAT value to. Every year its effectiveness has blown us away. Since we are a mid-sized organization with limited time, we are very careful about the events we invest in each year for development. Without a doubt I can say that Great GIVE is one of the top priorities for next year. It has helped capture the imagination and develop the hearts of our community,” said Daniel Frederick, director of community development at The Coffee Oasis.

Kimbia is excited about the future of community giving and its partnership with foundations and local nonprofit organizations.  We are excited about the Fall 2016 giving day lineup and will reveal the plan for Give Local America 2017 later this fall.

About Kimbia:

Kimbia is an online fundraising, crowdfunding, and event platform provider for nonprofits, higher education, and community foundations. Kimbia is the technology platform and solution provider behind Give Local America®.

About Give Local America:

Give Local America® is a national crowdfunding event that empowers every person to give back to their local communities by supporting the organizations they trust to tackle today’s most critical issues. The campaign is driven by the idea that every individual and every company has the ability to contribute to the betterment of their community, and that every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference.

Give Local America®, a registered trademark of Kimbia, Inc., is the only single-day crowdfunding event that betters communities through local channels. Give Local America® works with community partners, to partner with local nonprofit organizations, to bring hundreds of thousands of people together to make gifts and support vital causes in their communities.

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