Kimbia Announces Multi-Currency/Multi-Funds Flow Capabilities for Fundraising Platform

AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 29, 2013) Today, Kimbia announces the addition of multi-currency and multi-funds flow capabilities to its online fundraising platform. Many nonprofits do a world of good, both literally and figuratively. The Internet has made it possible for them to expand their brands globally via multi-channel campaigns and win donor mind share and gifts worldwide. Additionally, many of these organizations have chapters, affiliates and individual champions who could use their worldwide networks to distribute their campaigns around the world – in minutes. Until now, these opportunities could not be monetized because existing fundraising software could not handle multiple currencies or multiple money flows.

Kimbia’s internationalized patented software-as-a-service (SaaS) fundraising platform now removes international language and currency donation barriers. Additionally, its flexible, distributed merchant account system enables nonprofits to decide whether donations flow to the United States, stay in country, or a combination of both, and to make this selection at the individual chapter or affiliate level.

“We developed this new functionality at the request of a nonprofit organization that was frustrated because its existing fundraising platform could not support its vision for worldwide fundraising,” said Dan Gillett, CEO, Kimbia. “Like all of our company’s offerings, these new capabilities are PCI DSS Level 1 certified.”

Kimbia does not require a platform change – it integrates seamlessly with most CRM, email, financial and content management solutions. This functionality is available immediately to all Kimbia customers at no additional charge.


Fundraising, across all donor segments, is transitioning from a focus on direct mail and check payments to online channels (email, Web, social media and mobile) and credit card transactions. But most fundraising solutions on the market today were designed for direct mail and donor list management. They force nonprofits into rigid methods or cumbersome processes which can both stifle the organization’s ability to put its best ideas into practice and cause potential affiliates, advocates, donors and volunteers to abandon their fundraising efforts or donations. In contrast, Kimbia, optimized for the Web and designed to be extremely flexible, has transformed fundraising and event management by enabling nonprofits to:

  • Create a consistent, optimized donation, registration and event experience to maximize their brand;
  • Achieve the highest return on investment of any online fundraising and event solution through streamlined donor check-out;
  • Reduce the staff time required to develop, deploy and manage campaigns;
  • Share campaigns between affiliates and chapters and gain immediate visibility into the success of campaigns and events, enabling real-time changes to optimize results;
  • Extend campaigns virally by empowering the engaged to become donors and donors to become advocates; and
  • Protect donor and registrant information at the highest level of security with PCI DSS Level 1 Certification.