Higher Education Giving Day Success: What Does it Take?

Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Notre Dame, Purdue University and Susquehanna University – what do they all have in common? Their advancement teams have all recently implemented successful Giving Day events. Their fun-focused one day campaigns have raised up to $7.8M, and acquired and reactivated thousands of donors. And you can do it too!

In this video, Miriam Kagan of Kimbia and Donna Wilkins of Charity Dynamics:

  • Review case studies to learn how these institutions and others created innovative new giving programs.
  • Teach how they plan to make their events even better next year.
  • Share Giving Day tools including a calendar template for your event and a copy of the eBook: 21 Proven Practices for High Education Giving Days.

Watch the video below.

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Finally, download the 21 Proven Practices for a Successful Higher Education Giving Day eBook.


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