#GivingTuesday: A Can’t-Miss Tradition


As #GivingTuesday launches its fourth year, it is quickly transitioning into a tradition that can’t be missed by the nonprofit community. Now is the time to put your plans in place. In this 3-part webinar series, from planning to new-donor stewardship, we want to give you the tools for success. First, we will walk you through why single-day crowdfunding events like this are so successful and discuss how you can easily weave this campaign into your organization’s plans. Reviewing crowdfunding strategies from years of experience, this webinar is packed full of proven practices and practical tips.

Miriam Kagan, Senior Fundraising Principal at Kimbia, will discuss:

  • Who donates during these events
  • How to pick the right #GivingTuesday model and incentive structure for your organization
  • How to evaluate the readiness of your platform, processes and team for the big event
  • Strategies to maximize campaign results
  • How to incorporate this event effectively into your year-end strategy.