Expand Your Giving Day Horizon

Don’t have the staff or time to host a giving day? The K Foundation is now a supporting organization of Greater Horizons, a leading provider of charitable giving services. Thanks to this new partnership, the K Foundation is more powerful and flexible than ever before. During this recorded webinar, Lori Finch, shares how utilizing the K Foundation for your back-office support can make hosting a giving day easier than you ever thought possible. She reviews how agency funds can increase visibility and allow you more control of your funds and explain other benefits including:

  • Reduce administrative burden: Agency funds provide the convenience of outsourced gift receipting and grants.
  • Increase your dollars in and out: Count donations to the fund as your own gifts through this model.
  • Grow giving and reduce fees: Reduced administrative burden helps you focus more on growing your giving, while a simplified fee structure makes the most out of your giving day.