How to Make Your Website and Emails Mobile Responsive

According to Morgan Stanley, 91% of all US citizens have a mobile device (smartphones, tablets, etc.) within reach 24/7, and, according to comScore, mobile technology will be the number one method of accessing the Internet in 2014. Online donors (often the highest lifetime-value donors) expect nonprofit websites and emails to be just as mobile responsive as the ecommerce sites they use.

Mobile and responsive are not next year. They’re right now. Proof point: Nonprofits who have made it fast and easy for online donors to give on every device are receiving up to 20% of their donations via mobile devices.

But with the proliferation of so many different smartphones and tablets, how do you know if your website and emails are mobile responsive? And if they are not, how do you achieve this goal?

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why responsive technology is taking over the online world
  • Best practices for using and testing a responsive design strategy
  • What tools you can use to go responsive with little to no coding
Download the eBook now and also receive a 15-point Mobile Self-Assessment that you can use to evaluate your website.