Online Fundraising Fuels Participation During Pledge Drive.

“Using Kimbia meant that we could create a clear destination for supporting TV or radio online during both on-air fundraisers. The specific landing pages also allowed us to integrate our new on-air messages more easily online. If we made a special offer on radio, you would see it on the radio pages and it wouldn’t have to compete for space or get lost alongside the TV messages. The flexibility of Kimbia coupled with the ability to integrate our message created a powerful combination, said Teri Lamitie, Director of Online Marketing at WGBH.


  • Needed to increase the number and frequency of small dollar donorsWGBH_pms647
  • In past drives, potential online donors were funneled into a single donation form that supported all pledge marketing efforts


  • Using Kimbia, WGBH placed 80 unique donation forms on their site
  • WGBH was able to create an experience around each program speaking separately to TV and Radio
  • Improved donor experience

Key Results:

  • 3X increase in radio supporters
  • 2X increase in TV supporters
  • Percentage of radio donations made online jumped from 10% to 45%
  • Increased net revenue because of decrease in premium requests