In its inaugural year, the University of California, Berkeley’s Big Give raised more than $5.3 million from over 7,000 gifts, surpassing expectations. Alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends came together to support their favorite schools and programs.

Over the course of the day, prizes were awarded to the organizations that had met a fundraising milestone, such as greatest participation or biggest amount of donations. Berkeley Law and the College of Engineering raised the most dollars, receiving the two highest percentages of the matching fund pool.

Taking place the same week of UC Berkeley’s Big Game against Stanford University, the very first Big Give played out like an exciting playoff match—the engineering school led for most of the day, until a million-dollar donation was made to the law school in the final minutes of the 24-hour event.

2014 Highlights

  • The first Big Give, powered by Kimbia, raised a record-breaking $5,309,418
  • This year, early donations were accepted, resulting in $55,000 in prize funds
  • Each participant earned a share of the prize fund pool, based on their percentage of the total amount raised
  • The event collected a total of 7,336 gifts, with an average gift size of $723.75
  • Donations benefited more than 30 UC Berkeley schools and programs
  • Hour-long contests in a variety of categories were held during the day, awarding those schools or programs that generated the most student donors, new donors, etc.
  • Social media support with the #CalBigGive hashtag

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UC Berkeley Big Give 2014

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