AUSTIN, TEXAS (Sept. 30, 2013) — Nearly 100 U.S. community foundations now have registered to participate in the first-ever national giving day, Give Local America, inspired by the huge success of local fundraising days such as this month’s North Texas Giving Day.

The Sept. 19 North Texas Giving Day raised a record-shattering $25.2 million in just 17 hours — proof positive that Americans are increasingly responsive to concentrated giving events. Its success is a sign of building momentum for Give Local America — set for May 6, 2014, and bolstered by matching dollars from a national pool — which is expected to change the face of grassroots philanthropy by inspiring people across the country to become first-time donors.NorthTexasTotal

Outpacing its 2012 results by $10.8 million, the Kimbia-powered North Texas Giving Day garnered 75,000 online donations — more than double the previous year — that will benefit 1,351 area nonprofits. The dollar amount raised is 75 percent higher than last year’s total and marks the second year in a row that this event smashed the record for the most money ever raised in the United States during an online giving day organized by a community foundation. The event was sponsored by Communities Foundation of Texas.NTXGivingDay

“North Texas Giving Day’s resounding success is a tremendous example of the power of community foundations to bring people together to fund solutions for society’s largest problems, and we can feel the momentum building,” said Kimbia CEO Dan Gillett. “We’re looking forward to repeating this success on a national scale next year with Give Local America. Just imagine the good that can be done in a single day when people all across America are given a chance to become philanthropists.”

Kimbia will also power Give Local America, which will concentrate the efforts of community foundations throughout the United States as they host their own events to support local causes and organizations. Kimbia will make it easy for community foundations to participate in the nationwide giving day by providing a uniquely branded giving day website for each community foundation, donation forms for each fundraising entity that can be embedded on their website in less than two minutes, social media training, capacity building, match day toolkits, board presentations and real-time leaderboards.

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