The Web module eliminates the many friction points that result in form abandonment. Your donors or participants visit your landing page from multiple campaigns, channels and third party sites. If they are ready to give or register, they should not be deterred by your website’s functionality, landing page, form design or related content.

  • Patented technology enables your donation or registration forms to be placed on any web page in context with your campaign messaging, reducing steps and focus friction.
  • All forms can be pre-filled, optimizing average gift and reducing length friction.
  • Patented technology enables supporters to give or register in less than a minute, reducing length friction.
  • No redirect is required—forms are completed directly on your site, reducing steps friction and enhancing branding.
  • All forms are mobile optimized and quick loading, reducing device friction.
  • No user ID or password is required, reducing registration friction.
  • Built-in A/B testing capabilities with real-time donation data enables continual landing/donation page optimization, increasing conversion rates.
  • Campaigns can be created or revised and launched in minutes, not hours or days, increasing conversions by enabling your staff to try more new ideas.
  • Internationalization, multi-currency capabilities and a distributed merchant account system enable worldwide campaigns and avoid costly conversion fees.
  • No need to replace your existing systems—our platform integrates easily with and provides additional ROI on CRM, fundraising, marketing and financial systems.