The Social module eliminates friction and distractions by enabling donors to engage directly from a Facebook page – at the point of inspiration. No redirect is necessary, avoiding the typical 50 percent form abandonment rate. From supporter acquisition campaigns, Mobile pledge drives, Peer-to-Peer, Partner and Event fundraising, Social helps you reach new supporters who can share your message via their worldwide network.

  • Complete control of your brand (messaging and graphics)
  • Social media specific campaigns are placed directly into the applicable site by your staff
  • Supporters are empowered to Like, signup, Share, Tweet, and donate without ever leaving the page they are on – they get to socialize and you keep them focused
  • Real-time access to donor, transaction and referring url data enables real-time campaign changes that instantly update everywhere
  • Participation/donation confirmations can be social shared, providing instant reinforcement
  • Internationalization, multi-currency capabilities and a distributed merchant account system enable worldwide campaigns and avoid costly conversion fees
  • No need to replace your existing systems—our platform integrates easily with and provides additional ROI on CRM, fundraising, marketing and financial systems.