Are you tired of making your fundraisers go through several pages of steps to register as a fundraiser and support your organization? Kimbia’s peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities make it easy for your supporters to easily create a beautiful fundraising page and tap into their networks to raise money on behalf of your organization.

Our peer-to-peer capabilities put you in the driver’s seat of your registration process. You can even keep it as simple as asking them for their name, email address and connection to the cause for a do-it-yourself campaign.

We also take the headache out of the participant fundraising center login process. We make it easy for every single participant to access their own, individual fundraising center without a pesky login. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly out of the box. That’s right! Faster and easier = more registrations and less staffing needs.

  • Quick configuration enables participants to be up and fundraising in minutes
  • No user ID or password required
  • Supporters just copy and paste to easily share, tweet, email and even embed fundraising forms and real-time progress displays on their personal blog, website and Facebook page
  • All donation forms are mobile-optimized
  • Individuals can join, leave, and manage teams with a few clicks – all the revenue stays with the individual
  • Simple tracking of offline donations provides a more complete view of results
  • A campaign dashboard enables administrators to configure status bars and monitor overall progress in real time
  • Self-service center enables real-time updates, changes and emails, reducing support time
  • Internationalization, multi-currency capabilities and a distributed merchant account system enable worldwide campaigns and avoid costly conversion fees
  • No need to replace your existing systems—our platform integrates easily with and provides additional ROI on CRM, fundraising, marketing and financial systems