The Partners & Sponsors module removes the barrier inherent to partnership marketing – the fear that redirecting a donor to your site will drive valuable customers away from their own site. Using Kimbia’s patented donation form technology, your donation form and real-time progress display can be easily copy and pasted directly on the sites of partners or sponsors who have a strong correlation to your target audience or cause and high web traffic. This endorsement and added visibility enables you to raise more funds, without increasing marketing expenses.


  • The donor completes the transaction right on the partner’s site, increasing conversion rates
  • Easy A/B testing enables you to continuously improve results
  • On demand reporting and data access at both the partner and campaign level
  • Easy donation management – send receipts and manage transactions with a few clicks
  • Donors have easy and secure access to their giving history – no login required
  • All transactions are secure since Kimbia is a PCI Level 1 secure service provider
  • Internationalization, multi-currency and multi-funds flow capability