Increasing mobile donations presents two main challenges: first, the number of different devices and form-factors is growing as rapidly as the number of donors who expect to be able to give or register on your site via their mobile device. Second, the Text2Give model has too many barriers and functionality limitations (e.g., donors must have a credit card handy, inability to capture email addresses, limits on donation amounts, delayed funds and a high cost per dollar raised).

The Mobile module maximizes campaign success with forms that are mobile responsive out-of-the-box, and a Pledge2Give model that enables you to develop and launch more cost-effective optimized mobile campaigns that reach your donors wherever they are. Some nonprofits are receiving up to 60 percent of their online donations via mobile devices. What additional donations could you be receiving?

  • Mobile campaigns can be created and launched in minutes, not hours or days.
  • A credit card is not required at the time of pledge, reducing friction.
  • Configurable reminders help ensure pledge fulfillment.
  • Donation forms are optimized for mobile donations and pledges.
  • Real-time donor data is yours—not the phone carrier’s.
  • Revenue flows daily and directly to your bank account—not a middleman’s.
  • Internationalization, multi-currency capabilities and a distributed merchant account system enable worldwide campaigns and avoid costly conversion fees.
  • No need to replace your existing systems—our platform integrates easily with and provides additional ROI on CRM, fundraising, marketing and financial systems.