hjc has been helping charities and nonprofits maximize their fundraising potential for over 22 years.  Founded in 1992 by Michael Johnston, hjc has worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and in the Asia Pacific region. hjc new media logo-CMYK copyMike and his global team are experts in direct response fundraising innovation and integrated campaigning – most especially through the use of technology and its integration with traditional direct response methods. The team has helped raised over a billion dollars for clients around the world.  hjc has offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, London, UK (through sister company, Xtraordinary), and Cordoba, Spain.

The team at hjc has been trained in the CX (Customer Experience) Mapping Methodology developed by Oracle, as well as in the Balanced Scorecard method of strategic planning; bringing that training to bear on already successful integrated marketing facilitations. We’ve been delivering campaign development and execution plans to clients across all verticals including dozens of hospital foundations, animal welfare agencies, human rights organizations, UN agencies, and hundreds of others, for more than 2 decades.