Givegab Enterprise:  new name for kimbia’s everyday giving product – and more! 

GiveGab Enterprise is the new name for Kimbia’s product line which includes our Everyday Giving solution, providing your supporters with a simple, frictionless way to engage – anytime, anywhere.  This plan also offers the option to purchase the same peer-to-peer and event registration features formerly provided by Kimbia.


Through a simple web interface, you can easily create branded online donation forms for your organization’s website that integrate with your CMS, CRM and email management tools.

Forms are fully configurable and deliver powerful features including pre-populated donation amounts, pre-filled billing information, sustaining gifts, employer matching gifts, multi-currency, multi-language, A/B testing and campaign thermometers.

With forms that embed into your exisiting website, your brand remains front and center.


A donor-centric experience means supporters can complete their transactions easily, on any device. The self-service center enables monthly donors to update billing information and track payment, reducing support time for your organization.  

Donors can easily give at the moment of inspiration. 

Always mobile-responsive out-of-the-box. Always.


Turn one-time donors into repeat donors with pre-filled billing history and one-click.  Simple Pay makes it easy for donors to securely give again and increase campaign revenue by 30+%.

A first time donor completes the entire form. For future visits a fully completed form is presented, requiring only zip-code authentication for security.

The easiest way for donors to convert from one-time to monthly giving.

Delivered directly to your inbox.


Configurable, real-time reporting tools make it easy to track and monitor success, enabling you to respond to one-time, ad-hoc requests or deliver ongoing, scheduled reports delivered to your inbox.

Our flexible reporting tools enable you to deliver reports at the donation form, campaign, organization, or chapter/affiliate level.

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