KLRU incorporates peer-to-peer fundraising into crowdfunding event campaign to surpass traditional on-air pledge drive results and engage core donor base age 60+.

Responding to viewer feedback, public broadcasting station, KLRU, made the leap from traditional on-air pledge drives to an online giving campaign. As a nonprofit organization with a strong community following, they took a calculated risk – and it paid off. Combining the power of a crowdfunding event with peer-to-peer, email and social campaigns resulted in stellar results.

  • Exceeded original fundraising goal by nearly 90%
  • Raised 14% of drive revenue from peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • Acquired 28% new donors 

Kimbia has been an excellent fundraising partner for eight years, providing us with a robust and flexible platform, but also best practices and guidance to surpass our established goals ,” said Susannah Winslow, Membership Director at KLRU. “Our peer-to-peer program was live fewer than two weeks and we were so happy with the campaign that we’re looking into other ways to incorporate peer-to-peer into additional fundraising efforts.”


Download the case study now to learn all the campaign details.