“Our first giving day with Kimbia was in 2010. Our success has improved dramatically every year, especially from last year to this year: we more than doubled the funds raised for local nonprofits, making more resources available for the people who benefit from their services. Also, when donors wanted to give to multiple organizations at the same time without having to start all over again, Kimbia made that process much easier, allowing them to give to multiple organizations in a very streamlined way.” – Christina Ciociola, Knowledge & Evaluation Director, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.


  • Wanted to enable new giving by identifying donors who had never given before
  • Needed to enable local nonprofits to compete on the same playing field as national and global nonprofits
  • Donors requested the ability to give gifts to multiple nonprofits without having to fill out multiple forms


  • Giving Day proven practices and social media training
  • Able to build a community of philanthropists without sharing that database with a third party
  • Enhanced platform capability enabled donors to give to multiple nonprofits at one time

Key Results:

  • 45% of donors were first-time donors to a participating nonprofit
  • $755,645 raised vs. $335,000 in 2012
  • 6,768 gifts in 2013 vs. 4,059 in 2012. Recurring gifts also rose
  • Increased community awareness of the foundation and local nonprofits