“Kimbia has provided our organization with additional marketing opportunities to reach donors, nonprofits and the community at-large. This has promoted our brand as a philanthropic leader in our community and as the go-to organization in a disaster,” said Amy McDaniel, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.


With an excellent reputation in the Greater Nashville area, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT) became the natural choice to lead the fundraising efforts around Flood Relief. As a Kimbia-Powered GuideStar DonorEdge customer, CFMT was already in a position to utilize the GivingMatters.com fundraising site. However, a natural disaster of this magnitude demanded something more. The Foundation immediately launched a branded flood relief campaign, and delivered fundraising tools to community advocates and partner organizations. By sharing these tools, CFMT engaged their entire community in the relief effort.


First, using their Donor Edge Platform at GivingMatters.com, CFMT was able to create new funds to aid in relief efforts. Within an afternoon, each of these two funds had a unique “donate now” landing page on GivingMatters.com with a Kimbia powered donation form. Check them out now… Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund and the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund.

Next, Kimbia and GuideStar staff worked closely with the CFMT Team to build a styled fundraising widget to match the branding of their newly developed Flood Relief campaign. The widget was embedded at CFMT.org, enabling donors to read about the efforts and make a donation simultaneously. Placing these giving widgets on CFMT.org also served as a launch pad for organizations that wanted to grab the widget and embed it on their own websites. This was the moment when the efforts went viral.

With the Flood Relief widget built and deployed, CFMT leveraged their existing relationships in the Nashville community and music scene to mobilize a massive coordinated fundraising effort within days of the disaster. Immediately, local news and radio stations deployed the widgets. Then, local bloggers and partnering NPOs picked up the form for their sites. Before long, websites like CBS.com and Great American Country (GAC) installed the forms for their televised benefit efforts. Call center operators even used Kimbia forms to accept phone donations made during the GAC telethon. The success was undeniable.


  • Over $1M total funds raised on all participating sites (CFMT and 3rd Party Sites)
  • Average donation of $89.49, which is higher than the national average donation
  • Donor success rate of 99.9%; 11,000+ donations & less than 20 refunds
  • Almost half of all online flood relief donations came from the widget placed on 3rd party websites (i.e CBS.com GACTV.com, etc.)

For the first time, supporters of a disaster relief effort were not only able promote fundraising efforts through marketing and media, they could also actively accept secure donations on their own sites, while the funds fl owed directly to the CFMT bank account. Amy McDaniel, Director of GivingMatters.com describes the impact that these tools had on their efforts at CFMT.