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Online-acquired supporters who give to and promote your cause across many channels, communities and continents have the highest lifetime value. Engaging them requires a flexible, best-of-breed online fundraising solution. Kimbia’s platform, including Social Media, MobileChapter/AffiliatePartners & Sponsors and Peer-to-Peer functionality, is the easiest to use and deploy, and provides the highest conversion rate in the industry.

Whether your goal is to drive participation in campus events and the alumni community, recruit new high-value donors, reactivate lapsed donors or engage Corporate Partners, Kimbia’s online fundraising solutions including Giving Days, Peer-to-Peer/Class Agent, Social Media and Mobile can help you expand and better engage your supporters.

Online fundraising drives online revenue (as much as $26.3 million in just 18 hours) and inspires multi-million dollar offline donations. Kimbia’s online Giving Days, giving every day (Web, Social, Mobile) and Disaster Relief fundraising solutions also enable you to recruit up to 68% new donors through increased community-wide brand awareness.